Watersheds, Wetlands, and You: The Importance of Protecting our Native Wetland Plants

Wetlands are essential to the health of our watersheds and are equally as important to me and you, but they face various threats to their ecosystems. Join us as we take a closer, scientific look at the roles wetland plants play in keeping our watershed (and us!) happy and healthy, as well as the ways we can help return the favor.

March 11, 2018
2:00 PM
Gardener's Studio
Mayci Shimon/Kawthar Aguibi/Aretha Chin

Kawthar Aguibi, a junior enrolled at Bodine High School of International Affairs, and Aretha Chin, a sophomore enrolled at Mastery Charter-Shoemaker Campus are River Ambassadors at Independence Seaport Museum, under the direction of Mayci Shimon, the River Alive! Programs Coordinator. The River Ambassador program gives Philly high schoolers an opportunity to participate in hands-on, scientific learning experiences. Throughout the duration of the program, students use these experiences to learn about the historical, scientific, and regional importance of Philly’s waterways, while simultaneously uncovering what the watershed means to them and what they can do to help protect it. The River Ambassadors are integral to better connecting Philadelphia's communities with our waterways.