Soothing Plants for Body and Soul

The healing properties of fruit, nuts, leaves and flowers have been known and used for generations around the globe. Experience a few of the many choices of soothing plants and their common uses for wellness.

3:00:00 PM
Gardener's Studio
Cherron Perry-Thomas & Dewey Thomas

Dewey Thomas has studied medical herbs and Bach flower Remedies for over 20 years. He's also a Martial Arts & Yoga instructor.  Cherron Perry-Thomas is a Social Impact Strategist with a focus on helping business build their brands with a more positive impact on the environment and people.  As pioneers in the industry, Cherron and Dewey are fortunate to express their love and passion for natural health and living through creating a culture of environmental and social consciousness.  Their company, Green Dandelion Marketing & Sales, Inc., is a full-service Natural  product broker group serving companies from Whole Foods to local co-ops, with their creativity, experience and  expertise to support the growth of natural brands.