Rainbarrels, Downspout Planters and Rain Gardens:  How YOU can Manage Stormwater at Your Home

In cities like Philadelphia, impervious surfaces (roofs, streets, etc.) generate stormwater runoff that can overburden sewer systems and lead to severe water quality issues.  Learn how to manage stormwater runoff on a small scale using stormwater management practices that are currently offered for free or at reduced costs through Philadelphia Water and PHS’ Rain Check program.

March 3, 2018
10:00 AM
Gardener's Studio
Zach Popkin

Zach has been managing the Rain Check stormwater management program since its inception in 2012.  Through Rain Check, Philadelphia residents can have a rain barrel installed for free or pay a reduced price for a downspout planter box, rain garden, depaving, or permeable pavers.  Zach moved from Long Island, NY to Philadelphia in 2009 to pursue a Masters Degree in Sustainability and is currently a proud employee and member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.