Planter Design: Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers!

This session will present ways of staging a planter to create a fun and immediate effect. We will also talk about planter types and how to give patina to terracotta and concrete planters. We will also experiment with visitors on an easy “Make-your-own” planter, cast out of concrete.

March 3, 2018
11:00 AM
Gardener's Studio
Kitty Jenkins Miton and Abdallah Tabet

Kitty has been an avid gardener since a very young age, having grown up in a historic estate in Baltimore’s horse country. She traveled and lived in in Lyon and Paris, France, before returning to Baltimore. Wherever she lived, she converted barren lands into lush gardens using various ornamental and local plant species. She also maintained highly productive kitchen gardens where she mixed various heirlooms species of vegetables with bulbs and cutting flowers. In addition to her garden design and implementation, Kitty has extensively worked on seasonal planters for estates, friends, family and garden centers. Abdallah is an architect and landscape architect from Beirut, Lebanon. He studied landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he currently is a lecturer. He is currently working at OLIN, managing an implementing various large scale gardens in France, Switzerland and a 500 acres plantation in Morocco. He also is working on the Philadelphia Museum of Art expansion, LACMA in LA, and has recently completed the garden over structure at the Mormon Temple in Versailles.