Mussels In the Wild: Children’s Book reading and Freshwater Mussel Touch Tank

A reading of the Mussels in the Wild children’s book— a tale of a flowing river, where finned, furred, shelled, feathered and the invisible swim, hop, flutter, float and crawl in an ever-changing watery world. A freshwater momma mussel waits patiently for a special fish to give her babies a ride to their new riverbed homes, where each one can munch and nibble phytoplankton and diatoms from the river water. After the reading, experience live freshwater mussels and learn about how these fascinating creatures help our environment!  During this presentation you’ll meet live juvenile mussels and learn amazing facts about mussels including: *They have a remarkably long lifespan – as much as 100 years or more; *They rely on fish hosts to reproduce…really!; and *They’re imperiled, so we need to help them. Please come and meet these imperiled and elusive residents of our local waterways! Book signing will follow the presentation.

March 3, 2018
3:00 PM
Gardener's Studio
Victoria Prizzia & Jeffrey Long

Victoria Prizzia, founder of Habithèque Inc., worked over a two-year period with scientists from the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, the Philadelphia Water Department and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University to envision and realize the Mussel Hatchery at the Fairmount Water Works. Victoria combines a lifelong passion for the environment, a rich understanding of how people learn and deep commitment to serving the public good to develop compelling and enlightening experiences for visitors at cultural institutions large and small. Jeffrey Long is Watershed Outreach Specialist for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary.