Landscaping for Birds and Water: How Creating Bird Habitat Protects Your Watershed

The ecological services of a forest can be replicated on a small scale on one’s own property, and landscaping with ecology in mind will yield more birds and butterflies and better stormwater management.  Learn about the plants and landscaping techniques that not only feed and sustain birds year-round, but also provide critical rain interception to support healthy creeks and streams.

March 8, 2018
1:00 PM
Gardener's Studio
Steven Saffier

Steven Saffier has worked for the National Audubon society since 2003 and at its state office in Pennsylvania since 2007 as Program Manager. Steven helped develop the national Audubon At Home initiative which aimed to introduce the natural world one could find in their backyard, schoolyard or other property and how to enhance it for birds. He developed the first statewide backyard habitat registration program in the Audubon state network and one of the first municipal programs. In Pennsylvania, 26 municipalities are designated Bird Town.