7 Ways Watering Your Garden Can Manage Disease and Maximize Abundance

Do you get Late Blight on your tomatoes? Are your radishes too hot? Does your lettuce become bitter? These 7 tips about watering are essential for both your container and backyard gardens.

March 4, 2018
10:00 AM
Gardener's Studio
Petra Page-Mann

Growing up saving seed in her father’s garden, Petra believes each seed and each of us has the potential to change the world. Her passion, curiosity and commitment to making a difference led her all over the world studying seed and sustainable agriculture. In 2012 she founded Fruition Seeds to share the seeds, tools and knowledge gardeners need to be more successful in the Northeast.  If she’s not farming she is singing, skiing, on her bike with her dogs, hunting mushrooms or sharing a feast with a friend.