America’s Garden Capital Day

Sunday, March 10

Experience the garden power of our region’s 36 public gardens during America's Garden Capital Day at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Sunday, March 10, 2019. Stop by the America’s Garden Capital booth, and be among the first people ever to receive the new America’s Garden Capital Passport—your exclusive guide to exploring the region’s public gardens. The America’s Garden Capital Passport features a custom map, links to access online garden itineraries, must-visit garden experiences, and pages to collect stamps, signatures, code words and draw your own pictures. Flower Show attendees will have the opportunity to learn from our region’s garden experts during talks and demonstrations, get their questions answered on-site at our booth, and get to see our horticulturists compete in a container garden challenge!

All talks, events, and the America’s Garden Capital passport are free with Flower Show ticket admission on Sunday, March 10. 
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America's Garden Capital Day Events:

Located in the Gardener's Studio



Blending Beauty and Biodiversity - 9:00 am
Laura Cruz, Horticulturist at Stoneleigh and Samantha Nestory

Whether your yard is large or small, there are many ways you can incorporate ecological practices into your gardening routine. Learn how small steps can make big impacts on the beauty and sustainability of your garden!

Top 10 Cut Flowers for the Home Garden - 9:45 am
Chris Fehlhaber, Assistant Horticulturist at Chanticleer

Jumpstart your plans for growing cut flowers this spring by attending this plant-focused session. Gardener Chris Fehlhaber will recommend 10 plants that perform well as reliable garden plants and in floral arrangements. Chris will provide a handout and participants will gain insight on how to grow great plants that do well as cut flowers.

Gardening for Older Adults - 10:30 am
Debbie Lux, Horticulturist and  Jane K. Weston, Director of Development and Community Relations at Medford Leas

Learn how gardening can keep you fit and active. Attendees will learn a stretching routine that can be done prior to going out to work in the garden. The talk will review equipment that might be helpful to aging gardeners. Steps to ensure safety in the garden will also be shared.

Ten Fabulous Evergreen Plants for Year-round Interest - 11:00 am
Jenny Rose Carey, Senior Director of PHS Meadowbrook Farm

What are the most important evergreen plants to use in our gardens? Learn what plants Jenny Rose Carey and the gardening team at PHS Meadowbrook Farm use for year-round interest, as a habitat for birds, and to give the garden structure.

Container Challenge Competition - 12:00 pm

Competitors include:

Seasonal Charm Offensive - 1:00 pm
Andrea Brunsendorf, Director of Outdoor Landscapes at Longwood

Developing a romantic garden requires a different approach to care and maintenance. Andrea illustrate with the fleeting nature of spring bulbs how you can begin to up your garden’s charm potential.

Spring Containers: Bending the Rules - 1:45 pm
David Mattern, Assistant Horticulturist at Chanticleer and Timothy Erdmann, Horticulturist at Longwood

From dogwood and willow to bamboo and stone, learn how to build spring containers that look dynamic even before the flowers kick in. The lecture will cover introductory bentwood techniques and ideas for artistic structures to get a head start on the gardening season.