The Philadelphia Flower Show Marketplace features more than 180 vendors selling everything from garden furniture and hand-crafted jewelry to fresh cut flowers, garden supplies and so much more!

Showgoers can shop official 2018 Flower Show memorabilia in the Marketplace, as well as a wide selection of unique and exotic plants from the PHS Meadowbrook Farm Shop.

PHS Members receive 10-20% off merchandise at select Marketplace vendors, so be sure to shop with your PHS Membership card to save!

Sunshine Nursery

Booth 900, Booth Z-1001

Bonsai, Bonsai Starter Plants, Pottery & Accessories, Orchids, Air Plants, House Plants, Lucky Bamboo, Pussy Willows, Bulbs & Water Plants, Hawaiian Volcano Plants, Hanging Baskets, Asian Pitcher Plants, Venus Fly Trap, Miniature Plants & Bromeliads.


woodylin3@yahoo.com; cindylin115@gmail.com


Sutherland Iron Work of EF International

Booth Z-1005, Booth Z-1007, Booth Z-1009

Custom designed iron garden items



Symmetry Tile Works LLC

Booth 619

Decorative Glass Tiles, Coasters, Back Splash, Trivets, Garden Stepping Stones, Ceramic Flower Trays




Tait Farm Foods

Booth Z-1033

Tait Farm is a diversified family farm in central Pennsylvania. We are located 7 miles east of State College and Penn State University. The enterprises of Tait Farm Foods include 10 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits and greenhouse production that serves a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program known as Community Harvest. We manufacture a line of 50 + specialty foods on the farm that are sold at our shop, through our website and to retailers and restaurants around the region. We carry regional artisan foods and crafts, seasonal décor and gifts for the kitchen, home and garden.




Tea Can Company

Booth 413

Custom Blended Traditional, Floral and Wellness Teas




Ti-A Baskets

Booth 820

Each Ti-A basket is handmade from scratch of native elephant grass and individually crafted. The grass is cut, split and rolled by hand, and then hand dyed by a Ti-A craftswomen. The grass is then shaped into baskets by our basket-weaving artists. Like our beloved Ti-A artisans, each Ti-A basket is a one-of-a-kind artistic wonder.

Simbaladrammeh@gmail.com; simbala@ti-a.com

(720) 841-4093

Tommy Conch Designs

Booth 423

Tommy Conch is a New Jersey artist whose Designs are handcrafted in sterling silver.



TorchBearer Sauces

Booth 923

Oh My Garlic Sauce, Smoley Horseradish Sauce, Psycho Curry, Pineapple/Papaya BBQ, Chipotle BBQ, Honey Mustard, Zombie Apocalypse, Tarnation, Sultry, Rapture and various other home made sauces and seasonings.




Touchstone Pottery

Booth 902

Stoneware home and garden accessories, including Birdbaths, Bird Feeders, Planters, Ikebana Vases, Vases,  Lamps, and Cooking and Serving Bowls, Dishes, Trays, and Mugs.




Booth Z-1216

Horticulture (Plants, Bulbs, Cut Flowers, Dried Flowers, etc.)



Unique Creations

Booth 130

One of a kind Sterling Silver Designs mounted with Semi-Precious Gem Stones. Rings Pendants, Earrings, And Bracelets.



The Vertical Garden

Booth Z-1025

The Vertical Garden is a stackable planter made for indoor and outdoor use.  It is made out of vinyl and is impervious to heat and cold.  A set includes three levels for planting, a drip tray, and complete instructions. You can stack as many as two sets together (up to six tiers) or hang as many as five tiers.  The Vertical Garden comes in three different colors: stone, kelly green, and terracotta.




Violet Rainbow, The

Booth 509, Booth 612

African Violets, Self-Watering & Other Ceramic Pots, Plastic Wick-Watering Wells, Soil-less Potting Mix, Fertilizer, Book on Violet Care & Various Styles: Pot Covers, Planters (Plastic & Ceramic)



Tudor Hall Apiary

Booth 909

Ornate beeswax candles: floral & antique chocolate rabbit shapes. Organic lip balm with honey & beeswax.




The Ultimate Wine Kit

Booth 717

The Ultimate Wine Kit is the perfect kit for any wine enthusiast! The set features four items- the air pressure bottle opener, foil cutter, aerator, and stopper. The air pressure opener makes it simple to open your bottle-without breaking the cork! Simply align the spindle in the middle of the bottle and give the handle a few pumps and the cork pops off effortlessly. The foil cutter has four blades that are designed to easily remove the foil in a straight, neat cut. The aerator is great for your red wines- no more waiting for the bottle to breathe before you enjoy! Attach the aerator to the bottle, pour, and enjoy instantly. The bottle stopper is a fabulous for removing the air out of your bottle to help preserve that fresh, crisp taste.



The Italian Peacock

Booth 926

"Composite Cartography Art" using real maps with vector graphic overlays. Cozy Collection with are 100% Merino wool slippers and boots. Outback Survival Gear aussie hats. Our American-made "Leather Seal" conditioner consists of only natural ingredients such as bees wax, lavender and eucalyptus oil, is designed for leather and rubber, and is also great for rough garden hands.