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PHS Hamilton Horticourt

A crowd favorite for decades, the Horticourt at the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, welcomes expert and novice gardeners to enter plants for judging by the nation’s most distinguished horticulturists.

These entries are presented in a straight-forward, no frills manner, allowing the inherent beauty of the plants to take center stage. Horticourt highlights include bulbs, succulents, hanging baskets, terrariums, and orchids. As you admire the skill and dedication that went in to making these plants near-perfect, see if you agree with the judges’ evaluations.

In 2013 the Horticourt got a grand makeover, thanks to a $1 million gift from perennial Flower Show exhibitor and PHS supporter, Mrs. Samuel M.V. Hamilton. The Horticourt, now renamed The PHS Hamilton Horticourt, brought an energizing greenhouse atmosphere to the exhibition/competition area of the Show. 

The new overhead structure created a lofty space of strong lines and bold colors, while earthy wood and metal details were utilized in the staging, including walls, arbors, shelving, pedestals and benches. A new energy-efficient LED lighting system brought out the intensity of plant coloring for maximum viewing pleasure. The system can be also adjusted to spotlight the best view and temperature for each plant and flower on display.

New interactive signage was also added to the Horticourt, which allowed visitors to view perfect specimens in various plant categories. These touch screens and interactive displays informed and educated Flower Show guests about the winning entries, and how they compared to the ideal form.


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