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Major Exhibitors
The best in the business create floral arrangements and lush landscapes that uplift the Show theme.
























































































































































































































































































































































Each year Flower Show exhibitors, representing the best talents in the floral and landscaping fields, create full-scale displays that delight more than a quarter million visitors. Many of these exhibitors have spent decades perfecting their craft, which often includes forcing a great variety of plants into bloom in time for the Show. Exhibitors spend an average of 18 months preparing their displays. With only nine days to show off their talents, each company or organization must pull out all stops to be considered the very best.


Display Garden - Landscape

Burke Brothers Landscape Design/Build
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Root 66
This year’s exhibit offers a true behind-the-scenes look at a
landscape design studio celebrating its 25th year in
business. Visitors are able to enter the office and observe
staff hard at work on spring design projects. The studio is
set in a ‘junkyard garden’ reminiscent of Tow Mater’s Towing
& Salvage from the Disney•Pixar movie, “Cars.” The exhibit also
showcases the company’s growing permaculture hobbies,
including beekeeping and raising backyard chickens.

Hunter Hayes Landscape Design
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Let’s Get Together
A rustic camping cabin sits nestled on the banks of a natural
swimming hole. Tall trees and woodland blooms pop up
from the forest, creating a beautiful summer camping oasis.
Roasting marshmallows, campfire songs, swimming, hiking
and adventure await in this exhibit inspired by “The Parent

Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: The Persian Garden
A little doorway and crumbling stone columns festooned
with epiphytes lead the way to a mogul pavilion that sits on
the edge of a moat. A silver moon floats on the calm water. A
small fountain splashes clean water onto a basin and
creates a soothing tinkle. Exotic tropical plants complete this
night scene that evokes a dream in this garden inspired by
“The Prince of Persia.”

Irwin Landscaping, Inc.
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Pooh’s Hunny Depot
Nestled in a woodland clearing, Pooh’s ‘Hunny’ Depot and
picnic area, set on opposite sides of a stream, are connected
by a rustic bridge. The colorful balloons and blooming
flowers create a playful and inviting atmosphere for Winnie
and his friends.

J. Downend Landscaping
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Underwater Adventure (Inspired by Finding Nemo)
Underwater Adventure emulates a tropical marine
environment through the use of hardy annual, succulent
and tropical plants arranged to mimic their marine cousins
living on a coral reef. With a dock anchoring the garden and
a boat suspended in the air to create the illusion of a
waterline, the overall effect of being below the ocean’s
surface will be enjoyed by visitors. Fish Tail Palms create the
effect of schooling fish. while agave plants serve as the
tentacles of an octopus living in and around the reef.
Euphorbia, Astilbe and Celosia create the illusion of living
corals in the garden, while Ficus, Cordyline and Daffodils
resemble different seaweed and sea grasses providing cover
for some colorful seahorses. The sea floor is sculpted with
sand and coral outcrops that come alive with sculptures of
sea life working in unison to create the overall experience of
being below the ocean’s surface in one of our most precious
 natural environments

Jacques Amand International
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rather wonderfully
expresses the idea of the fantastic and fabulous! The exhibit
provides visitors a horticulturally delightful vision, a
phenomenal collection of diverse and colorful bulbs in
flower – rare and unusual, as well as familiar favorites –
recreating the magic of a spring day in an English park. A
major feature of the garden is perhaps the largest collection
of dwarf iris ever exhibited in a flower show. The garden will
be accented with sculptural architectural elements by Lisa
Fedon Sculpture Studio. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
John Keats (and Mary Poppins).

Jim Fogarty Design PTY Ltd
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Guess the Movie
Designers of the Philadelphia Flower Show’s large garden
and floral displays challenge and inspire us all with their
over-the-top interpretations and trend-setting use of beautiful
plants and exquisite floral creations. This year, one special
display will invite Show visitors to guess which movie
inspired the design. Clue: This featured display by award-
winning Australian designer Jim Fogarty promises to be
one of the Show’s most provocative presentations.

Leon Kluge Landscape Design
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: A Maleficent View
From deep in the land of the moors, where trees seem to
have a life of their own, where water illuminates in different
flowing colors and mystical creatures float by on a breeze of
air, it is here, in this magical place where the inspiration for
this garden was born and transformed into a home garden
that takes you on a magical journey. Wander over a mystical-
colored pond surrounded by ancient trees and hills
morphing into pathways and steps. The closer you come,
the more they entice you to explore, stretching out their
branches and flattening their roots, shaping them into a
wooden stairway leading to the top-most part of the garden
where you enter a beautifully woven enclosure overlooking a
valley of complete splendor and peacefulness. While
daydreaming in the comfort of the soft day bed. something
catches your attention, almost as if it’s your imagination. A
rustling of wind flicks your hair and a faint shadow passes
overhead. And you know, with a smile in your heart, your
fairy godmother is always watching.

Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting LLC
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: The Quarters
Breathing in inspiration from “The Pirates of the Caribbean,”
this nautical garden exhales the high seas, beckoning all to
the captain’s quarters. Steel accents, flickering candles, and
seafaring undertones are the life of this pirate’s retreat.
Modern lines will keep your bearings, while the garden’s
compass will guide you toward the horizon.

Michael Petrie's Handmade Gardens
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Into the Woods
Look into the dark forest, down the narrow path and
through the tangled vines…and find your way to a secret
garden of light.

Paul Hervey-Brookes & Associates
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe
Evacuated to a country house set in the rolling English
countryside sheltered from Blitz-ridden London, a game
of hide and seek leads to a magical land where all is
not as it first seems. The garden draws on this English
country house, a peaceful refuge to which so many
children like Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter were sent
to safely live out WWII. However, this house is like no
other. A portal in an empty room leads to the magical
land of Narnia where, thanks to the White Witch, it is
always winter but never Christmas. The garden is
classically English with wide lawns and clipped hedges,
and a wealth of herbaceous planting gives way to a
garden pavilion. Inside this little space, the portal can
be glimpsed, its door ajar. Through this portal and creeping
around the side of the garden, Narnia, with its iconic gas
light where Lucy first met Mr. Tumnus, is held in winter,
which has lasted for over 100 years.

Stoney Bank Nurseries
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Chinese Blossoms
Leaving the peace and tranquility that abide within the
diverse plants, architectural rocks, and calm waters of her
home garden, “Mulan” secretly breaks tradition to take her
ailing father’s place in the Emperor’s army. Blooming
magnolias, iris, and lotus add splashes of color to artistically
pruned and sculpted trees and shrubs. Penjing, the Chinese
Bonsai, supplement the landscape, evoking the atmosphere
associated with high mountains, dappled glades, and
isolated trees on rocky cliffs. For Mulan, the preservation of
this home and garden welcomes her back to a life of balance
and order.

The Men's Garden Club of Philadelphia, Inc.
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Tarzan
Tarzan, a favorite for generations, was created by Edgar Rice
Burroughs in 1912. Since that time, the novels have been
adapted into television shows, comic books, animated
features, and more than 200 movies. The story begins with a
young couple who survived a shipwreck off the coast of
Africa. The husband built a home from the remnants of their
ship for his wife and young son. Sadly, the parents lost their
lives. The baby was found and raised by a family of apes,
who taught him how to survive in the wild and to
communicate with all the animals. Tarzan was later
discovered by an expedition, and he met and fell in love with
Jane. Returning to England, Tarzan claimed his rightful title
as Lord Greystoke and married Jane. After many experiences
around the world, they returned to his jungle home where
they lived with their family of Cheetah and Boy. With these
tales in mind, a lavish play place has been created for
children. The waterfall, pond, and garden of tropical plants
transports the young explorers to tree house adventures of
their own, complete with swinging ropes and Tarzan’s call of
the wild.

Waldor Orchids
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Peter Pan in Neverland
Inspired by the magical adventures of “Peter Pan” and his
sidekick, Tinker Bell, this garden is filled with beautiful
orchids and exotic foliage. Relive the story of Peter Pan and
the three Darling children – Wendy, John and Michael – as
they fly off to Neverland for escapades with the Lost Boys,
mermaids, Captain Hook and the pirates. This interpretation
of the magical story reminds us that childhood dreams live
Display Garden -Floral

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Princesses
Visitors young and old are transformed into a magical mood
as they enter the red carpet experience created by the
American Institute of Floral Designers. The Eleven Official
Disney Princesses, from the first Snow White to the last
Merida are depicted in a floral interpretation of their
individual style and story. Spectacular flowers in brilliant
colors give each viewer the opportunity to imagine
something special about every Princess.

Flowers by David
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Remy’s Place
What goes better together than flowers and food? The
answer is flowers, food prepared by Little Chef, and a
Parisian party. But the guests may not be those one might
suspect. Inspired by “Ratatouille,” designs for a festive
evening await!

Michael Bruce Florist
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Silver Thaw
The line between winter and summer blurs when the spring
thaw occurs. A cold, hard landscape melts into spring
softness as a “Frozen” ice castle is thawed by love.

PURE Design
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Dreams of the Magic Carpet
Using “Aladdin” as inspiration, the exhibit creates an event
space for a lifestyle fitting a time long ago. Lavishly
decorated tents are centered around a magical flying carpet
waiting to wisk you away into a beautiful dreamland.

Robertson’s Flowers & Events
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: A Fairy Tale Ending – Cinderella’s Wedding
The glass slipper, it fits! Cinderella has found her prince and
they live happily ever after. But what happens next? The fairy
tale can’t end there. We want to know more, like what does
Cinderella’s wedding gown look like? Does she wear the glass
slippers? Are the flowers over the top? Will Prince
Charming’s name be revealed on the invitation? The movie
may have ended, but this exhibit continues the fairy tale of
Cinderella. From elaborate sparkling glass to capture the
slipper to beautiful white and pink flowers designed in
exquisite arrangements, the exhibit creates a scene where
the glass slipper is left behind while entering the ceremony
and reception space where Cinderella and Prince Charming
get married. A slight “French” style will prevail throughout
this lush, rich scene.

Schaffer Designs
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Schaffer Designs is inspired by amusing but imaginatively
morbid fairytales. No one creates these macabre stories
better than those that are conjured from the deliciously
demented imagination of Tim Burton. “The Nightmare Before
Christmas” is surreal and expressionistic in its tale of Jack
Skellington, The Pumpkin King, and his search for a greater
meaning beyond the celebration of Halloween. After
discovering Christmas Town, Jack decides to kidnap Santa
and take the holiday to Halloween Town and make it his
own. This “Burton-esque” floral portrayal of the mystical
and dark wonderfulness of Giant Snakes, Evil Wreaths,
Monster Presents and other Creepy Creatures all create a
celebration of the macabre rather than a season to be jolly


Camden City Garden Club, Inc.
Location: Show Floor Hall B Rear
Description: Showtime New Jersey
The exhibit presents a vegetable and fruit community garden
that is home to Garden Fairies who have built their houses
with recycled memorabilia from Hollywood movies with a
New Jersey connection. The celebrities honored include:
Steven Spielberg, who grew up in the Haddonfield/Haddon
Township area, Bruce Willis from Penns Grove; Kelly Ripa
from Berlin; Danny DeVito from Neptune; Bruce Springsteen
from Asbury Park; and Tasha Smith from Camden. The
exhibit references Hollywood and the movies and is very
child-friendly and interactive. It includes historical
references to Camden as the location of the first drive- in
movie theatre. Children from Camden participated in the
exhibit by painting theme-related fence pickets which will be
returned to Camden and recycled into the Children’s Garden.

Delaware Valley College of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: The Rising Tide of Urbanism
The year is 2139. The polar ice caps have melted due to
climate change, resulting in a drastic increase in sea levels.
Now that the waters have encroached upon the
neighborhood, residents have chosen to rise with the tides.
Life here is challenging but achievable and the inhabitants
are forging a new world. This rooftop sanctuary is creating
an oasis in the Rising Tide of Urbanism.

Horticulture Academy at Abraham Lincoln High School
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: A Walk to Remember
Beautiful gardens replenish the earth and soothe the soul.
An Alzheimer’s Garden is specifically planned for the safety
of the patient, and can serve as a place of rejuvenation for
the caregiver. An Alzheimer’s Garden has the potential to lift
the spirit, act as a sanctuary, stimulate the senses and
provide great therapeutic value. Take a stroll through the
interior room and outdoor garden designed for a person
with Alzheimer’s and experience the tranquility these spaces

Mercer County Community College
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Meets The Horticulturist’s
In 1940, Walt Disney originally released “Fantasia” and “The
Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” in which Mickey was an apprentice
for a magician. Although depicted as a fantasy in the movies,
studying through apprenticeship was, and still is,
supported through the National Apprenticeship Act of
1937. Each year, approximately 500,000 apprentices in 800
different occupations are registered with the Bureau of
Apprenticeship and Training. Horticulture is one of those

Netherlands American Business Association
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: The Little Green House
In the world of horticulture, a greenhouse typically has one
meaning: a building where plants are grown. This Little Green
House holds another significant historical and traditional
story. The quintessential Old Dutch village house is rooted
in Dutch tradition, advocating horticulture, art and travel.
Within this exhibit, visitors find colorful arrangements of
tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, images of the beautiful
Keukenhof Gardens and the lush vibrant flower fields of the

Temple University, Ambler, School of Environmental Design
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Star Power: Casts of Light that Stir and Spellbind
Rousing! Enchanting! Every bit entertaining! Beneath
blackened leaves, an orchestra of katydids and crickets play
among the footsteps and whispers of silhouettes. A winged
shape streaks across the sky. White petals glimmer. Leaf
edges gleam. Beyond a mist, light beams upon walls of
wood, schist, and succulents. Flowers of fringe tree and
fothergilla shine. Water and vines descend aglow. Blooms,
bark, and buds with glitz. Catch the show! Two hours of
action and glamour. Plays twice daily, year-round.

The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: The Bloom Awards
The students of the Horticulture, Landscape, and Turfgrass
Management program highlight outstanding plants hardy to
the Philadelphia area. The plants used in this exhibit are
plants evaluated and chosen for their superb eye-appeal,
performance, and hardiness in the growing regions of Zones
5 -7. The featured plants are award-winning plants given by
associations and societies. The chosen are: PHS Gold Medal
Plants; All America Selections Winners; and Royal
Horticulture Society Award of Garden Merit. The horticulture
students formed committees to plan, research the plants,
and design the exhibit.

U.S. EPA Region III
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Now Showing at a Garden Near You
From EPA studios, in association with the ecology of the
Mid-Atlantic Region, the Office of Environmental Programs
Team presents a formal garden adorned with native plants, a
fountain and a place of peaceful contemplation for
audiences of all ages. Learn how to transform a backyard
into a sustainable native garden, lower maintenance costs,
reduce pesticide use, and invite wildlife while supporting the
local ecology. Contrary to the traditional landscaping
storyline of vast lawns dotted with trees and formal hedges
usually of exotic origins, which often require great care and
chemical fertilizers and pesticides, this garden shows
alternatives that are less polluting and at the same time
attractive, cheaper and easier to maintain. Enjoy a formal
garden of native plants representing how a backyard can
become both a formal garden and a sustainable part of the
natural world. Visitors will be inspired by a diverse array of
aquatic plants, azaleas, laurels, dogwoods, pitcher plants,
phlox and many other varieties of native flora which can be
incorporated into a formal sustainable garden.

University of Delaware
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Forest to Pharmacy: Medicinal and Edible Plants of the
Amazon Rainforest
Movies allow us to see things differently and become
immersed in new worlds. The Amazon rainforest is
commonly referred to as the “lungs of the world,” as almost
half of the world’s medicines can be linked to plant
compounds from the rainforest. Products from the Amazon
profoundly impact the lives of all people. This exhibit invites
you to become immersed in the Amazon, take a seat in the
director’s chair, and dictate how we conserve this vital
resource for the future.

W. B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Time for Tea
Enter Wonderland for tea on a patio surrounded by the
characters and symbols from Alice’s dream. The sweeping
landscape moves from low-lying ferns and mushrooms
through the wrought iron gate up to the tea
party under the cherry canopy. The Red Queen, White
Queen, Alice, and the Mad Hatter are reflected in the color of
flowers within a distorted maze of doors, trees and
geometrical shrubbery.

Exhibition Only

America in Bloom
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Our Cities Are Blooming Stars
Groundbreaking! Pure Greenius! Cinema Verite at its Best!
An ensemble cast of horticulture, history, community
involvement, and environmental efforts creating Technicolor
triumph. Producers: Energetic volunteers, elected officials,
community-minded businesses. Direction and Technical
Assistance: America in Bloom, an awards program providing
a script for success, online and print resources, and on-site
reviews. Help your town step into the spotlight! Have your
people contact our people.

Entrance Garden
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Entrance Garden
The Entrance Garden recalls the fantastic interiors of 1920s
movie palaces, with towering juniper and palm trees and
grand chandeliers dripping with blossoms, moss, jewels and
fabrics. Sweeps of 800 blue-green and variegated hostas
surround the planters of the star-studded rose garden, with
blooms named in honor of silver-screen legends, including
Judy Garland (orange-yellow), Marilyn Monroe, (peach),
Elizabeth Taylor (pink), Henry Fonda (yellow), and Barbra
Streisand (pink lavender). An 8-foot centerpiece of cut roses
and other blossoms is the largest arrangement ever created
for a Flower Show entrance. The garden also features 1,500
calla lilies in yellow, lavender, peach-orange and plum; 1,400
ferns; New Guinea patiens, pentas, digiplexis, geraniums,
anemones, pineapple lilies, and rieger begonias. The Entrance
Garden is the opening act in an astounding presentation
that turns the silver screen into living color on the Flower
Show floor.

Espoma Organics
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: The Beauty of Container Gardening
This display will focus on the beauty of container gardening
with inspirational designs for creating stunning containers
using organic products. Colorful containers and plants in a
variety of textures come together to create a healthy and
beautiful garden anywhere. City or country, indoor or
outdoor, deck or balcony, container gardens can move with
the seasons and create a splash of color wherever you like.

Friends of the Rail Park
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: A sample of the feeling of the Rail Park, a simple design to
get some of the feeling of what the elevated section of the
Rail Park might be like.The digital media panel diplays
historical images of the Viaduct site as well as future designs
on the Rail Park. Plants consist of local and indigenous- but
also cost-effective.

Hudson Valley Seed Library
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Art of the Heirloom
The Hudson Valley Seed Library believes that every seed is a
story and every garden is a work of art. To celebrate the
incredible diversity of seeds, the Library commissions artists
to interpret the flower, vegetable, and herb varieties in its
catalog. A selection of these original works, including the 16
new commissions for 2015, is displayed here. These works
of art become seed packs, called Art Packs, available at the
show and online.

Ikebana International, Philadelphia Chapter #71
Location: Show Floor Hall A Rear
Description: Ikebana
This noncompetitive exhibition of Japanese flower
arrangements will include arrangements from five schools of
Ikebana represented in the Philadelphia Chapter of Ikebana
International. The Sogetsu School of Ikebana, featured in this
exhibition, is known for freedom of expression of the
arranger who often creates very modern arrangements. The
exhibition illustrates the varied arrangements of more
traditional schools of Ikebana such as Ikenobo and Kofu,
beautiful naturalistic arrangements designed by Ohara
arrangers, and challenging arrangements emphasizing
balance in Ichiyo designs.

The Organic Mechanics Soil Company, LLC
Location: Show Floor Hall B Rear
Description: Happy Hour
Drink your garden! Cascading hop vines mingle with plump
grains used in beer brewing. Grapevines feature the
Scuppernong, the original grape used to make wine for U.S.
pioneers. Accent plants highlight the plant palette used by
mixologists to create specialty craft cocktails. Come explore
the plants used to create the adult beverages you love.

Tiny Terra Firma
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: Tiny Terra Ferma believes that safe, accessible green space is
essential for everyone, and the team is passionate about
empowering individuals, businesses and communities with
the resources to transform green space -- big and small.

Plant Societies
American Rhododendron Society, Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: Reach for the Stars
Enjoy a star-studded display featuring some of the “star
performers” for this region of the United States. This show
of color, with unique and interesting foliage, blends together
to create a vibrant garden display.

Delaware Valley Fern and Wildflower Society
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: The Natives Are Restless
Native plants have grown in the local environment for
thousands of years and are quite happy living in this area.
Because they are native, they are more adapted to local
weather and will generally flourish where non-natives may
not. Native plants, once they are established, usually require
less care and maintenance. Native plants also improve the
quality of life for birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife.
Native ferns planted in the garden offer a personal
connection with the plants growing in the fields and woods
of this region. Invite the natives into your back yard. They
may be restless, but they settle in and shouldn’t be feared.

North American Rock Garden Society, Delaware Valley Chapter
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: Living the Dream:  A Rock Garden in Your Own Back Yard
On just a small plot of ground, this gardener has made his
dream of creating a beautiful rock garden come true. He has
three weatherproof hypertufa troughs and a custom-made
raised planter in which he has recreated a bit of alpine
scenery with some lovely miniature plants and a few
attractive rocks. Here there is a place to work, a place to sit,
and a way to connect with nature.

Pennsylvania Bonsai Society
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: Art of Bonsai
Founded in 1963, the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society is one of
the oldest bonsai groups in the United States. Society
members demonstrate all levels of skills from beginner to
bonsai “master.” Members have achieved state, national,
and worldwide recognition for their skills and achievements.
This year’s exhibit celebrates the art of the bonsai.

Philadelphia Cactus & Succulent Society
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: We’re Ready for Our Close-Up
This exhibit gives the visitor a chance to get up close and
personal with a variety of unusual plants, so they may fully
appreciate their unique beauty.

Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators
Location: Show Floor Hall B Rear
Description: Holly, Wood and Vines
The Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators was
founded in 1997 with a mission to educate and inform its
members and the public about botanical illustration. PSBI
and Arcadia University jointly offer classes on botanical and
scientific illustration to Philadelphia area high school
students that are recommended by their art teacher or
principal. All supplies and instructors are provided by PSBI.
Their demonstrations at the Flower Show are an important
part of their educational mission.

Rosade Bonsai Studio
Location: Show Floor Hall B Front
Description: Bonsai Living Art
The bonsai artist seeks to create with living plant materials a
part of the natural world in miniature, with the tree as a focal
point. Its trunk, branches, and foliage expertly trained and
pruned, bonsai portrays a composition of simplicity and

Sponsor Exhibit

Bank of America
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Hollywood Heritage: Bank of America’s Century-Long Legacy
with the Motion Picture Industry
In 1908, a young man named Sol Lesser came to Bank of
Italy (later Bank of America) for a loan for his nickelodeon in
San Francisco. This began the long-term relationship
between Bank of America and the motion picture industry.
At a time when many banks considered film to be a risky
investment, Bank of America held a different opinion. In
1919, the bank provided a loan to film “The Kid,” directed
by and starring Charlie Chaplin. When Walt Disney couldn’t
get a loan to complete the first full-length animated film,
Bank of America stepped in and lent Disney $1.7 million to
finish “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” In 1939, when
David O. Selznick ran out of money filming “Gone with the
Wind,” Bank of America provided the funds to finish the
production. And in 1947, Bank of America financed one of
the first post-war films with an all-black cast to be shot at a
major movie studio. Bank of America went on to back Cecil
B. DeMille, Sam Goldwyn, Frank Capra, and Hal Roach, and
helped to finance film studios in their formative years. Bank
of America has financed such classics as “West Side Story,”
“Lawrence of Arabia,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Today,
Bank of America continues to help make film history
through its clients.

Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Bartlett Tree Experts are committed to providing scientifically
based landscape management recommendations, delivering
quality service, safely and at a level that meets or exceeds
industry standards. We strive to achieve total client

EP Henry
Location: Show Floor Hall A Center
Description: Where Memories Are Made
The enchantment of Old World pavers, outdoor lighting, and
the ambient sound of water calls you outside. The warm air
and inviting scent of flowers beckon you to step into your
own courtyard. As dusk settles, a glass of Bordeaux is served
and inspiration takes over. You prepare an appetizer to
amuse your palette, and curious neighbors take notice and
invite themselves in through the gated entrance. Before long,
someone suggests it’s a perfect night for a movie, with only
the fireflies to compete with the projector and outdoor
screen. With the audience comfortably seated on deep
cushions, the 10-foot-high Green Wall reveals the screen
that will run the chosen selection in this outdoor theater.
Tonight it’s all about making memories with people you love.
What better place than your own backyard?

Green Mountain Energy
Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Green Mountain Energy Company is the nation’s longest
serving renewable energy retailer and an Official Sponsor of
the Flower Show. Green Mountain is proud to support PHS
with a $1 donation to the PHS Plant One Million tree
campaign on behalf of each new PA customer. Green
Mountain customers also support solar energy for non-
profits, helping build a solar farmstand at PHS
Meadowbrook Farm in 2014, through the company’s
monthly contribution to its Sun Club® program.

Location: Show Floor Hall B Center
Description: Phanatic in the Outfield
Nothing says spring like flowers and baseball. Visitors will be
excited to see the two come together in a Philadelphia
Phillies exhibit at this year’s show. This exhibit will showcase
everyone’s favorite team mascot. Elements of the Phillies’
“Red Goes Green” sustainability program will also be

Subaru of America
Location: Show Floor Hall A Front
Description: Film Takes Flight!
At the Philadelphia Flower Show we will end the confusion
about which birdhouse is right for a visitor’s yard and allow
them to email themselves a birdhouse plan. We will also use
an interactive app to filter and match bird feeders with food
and what bird eats which food. As visitors walk through a
giant birdhouse they will learn to “speak chickadee” and
come away with a new understanding of what the birds are
saying to each other in the garden.


LGBT Party The fifth annual LGBT Party in the ballroom pre-function space will be an evening of glitz and glamour on Sunday, March 1, from 4 to 6 p.m. Presented by G Philly, the event will kick off with a special introduction by PHS President Drew Becher. Mar 1, 2015 4:00 PM
Early Morning Tours Experience a VIP Flower Show visit. Book an Early Morning Tour and enjoy a private tour of the exhibits with behind-the-scene stories provided by an expert guide. Mar 2, 2015 8:00 AM
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