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Entrance Garden
Leave winter behind & walk into the world of the Flower Show!

The Flower Show Entrance Garden will create the dazzling excitement of a movie premiere. Guests will enter through an Art Deco theater façade topped with a marquee of flowers and lights in blazing neon colors. The garden will recall the fantastic interiors of the 1920s movie palaces, with columns of juniper and palm trees; grand chandeliers dripping with blossoms, moss, jewels and fabrics; sweeps of bright green hostas; hundreds of elegant calla lilies; and a centerpiece made of thousands of roses "named" for movie superstars.

Also featured will be a 36-by-16 foot screen that will show the winning entries in the Flower Show short-film competition, "What Is Beauty?" The concept of beauty is defined in many ways, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, in partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, has asked professional and student filmmakers to submit their visions in 3-to-5-minute clips.

Environment and Scenic Design
GMR Design

Floral Design and Installation
Valley Forge Flowers

Landscape Design
Sam Lemheney, PHS

Scenic Fabrication
Proof Productions

Hardscape Provider
EP Henry

Lighting Design and Sound
Vision Technical Group

Movie Screen Video Design and Montage
KLIP Collective

Sculpture “The Projectionist”
Christian Kanienberg
Wish Unlimited

Landscape Installation
Irwin Landscaping

LGBT Party The fifth annual LGBT Party in the ballroom pre-function space will be an evening of glitz and glamour on Sunday, March 1, from 4 to 6 p.m. Presented by G Philly, the event will kick off with a special introduction by PHS President Drew Becher. Mar 1, 2015 4:00 PM
Early Morning Tours Experience a VIP Flower Show visit. Book an Early Morning Tour and enjoy a private tour of the exhibits with behind-the-scene stories provided by an expert guide. Mar 2, 2015 8:00 AM
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